Cheyenne Dregobban, Prairie Dragon

You’ve heard about Snow Dragons, Ice Dragons, or Frost Dragons. Maybe you’ve heard about Fire Dragons or Rain Dragons. If not, then you definitely have heard about Chinese Dragons, Western Dragons, Sea Serpents, Cockatrices, Wyverns, or maybe even Worms. But there is one dragon I am sure you’ve never heard about before: the Prairie Dragon.

I am Cheyenne Dregobban and I am a Prairie Dragon. I’m not kidding around.

Originally, this site was intended to dispell several myths about Prairie Dragons. It also intended to give a concise history of this type of dragon.

Like many thing other things in life, this site grew. My internet friend, Walter Treniak, who has never managed to see a dragon for himself, has run into many people who have had the luck of seeing or having close encounters with dragons. Walter took this information, appending the names of the people who told him about the encounter, and sent them to me. These stories are found in Dragon Sightings.

And then my friend, Lydia Lavrenik, who I met in a library one overly hot day, started researching and writing articles about communication among different types of animals. I figured someone would like to hear what’s on Lydia’s mind, so I asked and she allowed me to put her newsletter on my site. That is in CC News.

Recently, I decided to set a page aside just for miscellaneous updates. It’s going to include things like little brainstorms, tiny ideas, thoughts, maybe a contest or two … You get the idea. A variety of stuff that just doesn’t fit into any one category.

So, I hope that you enjoy what’s here. And remember, if ever you feel like chit-chatting, you can contact me, or any one of my friends, through Contact.