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Prairie Dragon

Creature Communication News

Volume 1 No. 1Introduction

You’ve read many fairy tales and stories that begin "Once upon a time" involving animals, mythical creatures, and humans having normal, everyday conversations. But when was the last time you went up to a dog and tried having a conversation? And when you did, didn’t you think in the back of your mind that the dog most likely did not understand you? When the dog barked in reply, did you not wonder what exactly the dog meant by "Ruff"? Yet, there are all those stories about people and creatures of all kinds being able to have intelligent conversations with each other. Stories, I’ve been told, do hold a firm basis in truth and reality. If this is true, my question is "What happened to this wondrous form of communication?"

Shy Dragon

Here lies the basis of this newsletter. I will attempt to locate that last day we all could speak amongst each other. By "we" I mean all animals, insects, reptiles, fish, so-called mythical creatures, and humans. In the future, I will refer to this grouping as either "we" or as "creatures" since, in one form or another, that’s all any living thing, real or mythical, on this planet really is.

Hopefully, I will light upon how this communication took place, whether anything cultural was associated to it, how these creatures truly lived, how this form of communication came into being, and why all creatures required it. I hope to discover whether this goes back to the days of dinosaurs or before, back to the beginning of Time itself. Research will help us to determine the rich history of creature communication. This may be the one history from which we, as humans, can learn something.

Whatever is learned from this, we will have to determine if it can be applied to our current lives. Are we in danger of some similar plight at one level or another? Can we prevent it? Can we return to the days when all creatures understood each other? Did we ever?

This is the goal of this newsletter: to try to answer these questions and dig up any related questions requiring similar attention. Stay tuned.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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