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Volume 1 No. 3Communication at One Level Still Exists

The quest for pinpointing even approximate dates for the beginnings of communication among all creatures, humans being included in the grouping of creatures, is at best fuzzy. Humans did not record creature communication effectively. The creatures also lacked proper recording skills. Then again, it could be they did a fine job, but humans lacked the ability to locate and decipher such works.

Even the time when creature communication ceased is difficult to locate. The cause mentioned above is also to blame for this problem. However, what adds to it is the mere fact that in the past 200 years or so, human literature has seen a rise in information regarding speaking creatures, sometimes with entire conversations. Many humans merely guffaw and say these are just stories. However, stories are to have some basis in reality. Some of these so-called questionable artefacts include Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and The Frog Prince.

There even are books, supposedly non-fiction, regarding the fact that humans recognize other creatures, such as cats, as having a range of emotion. This alone indicates a small glimmer of understanding between one human and a group of creatures, cats in this case.

With such a listing as shown above, it should be safe enough to say that creature communication continues to exist and there remain a handful of Speakers, if we can call them this, capable of transmitting this information to others.

Shy Dragon

I tested the waters on this point. I spoke with a class-act engineer who pointed out to me that over the centuries, even in this day and age, there are humans capable of understanding animals and plants. They are the ones who fight other humans for the rights and protection of these creatures. However, the same human pointed out there will always be other humans whose only desire is to destroy creatures and plants; they do not wish to learn to listen and understand. Such statements can only strengthen my quest. After all, an understanding implies a certain type of inter-communication.

Stories are formed from facts. Throughout the ages they contain one form or another of creature communication. It is common belief among humans in the present-day that humans do possess the capacity to understand other creatures. All that is truly left is to determine whether or not communication among all creatures does exist. If it doesn’t, when did it die down to a mere understanding?

If only it were possible to locate non-human creature reports and stories. That may be the one link required to help clarify the creature communication situation.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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