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Creature Communication News

Volume 1 No. 4Lost Civilization Found

I came across a recently unpublished article concerning the discovery of a lost civilization. I questioned the authenticity of this article and hunted down Dr. R. K. O’Logist, author of the article in question.

“I went on a camping trip with a few of my colleagues,” Dr. R.K. O’Logist stated. “Being in the field of archaeology, we instinctively realized the campground had a peculiar air. We walked through the woods until we reached a clearing. We found both the shape of the clearing and its location somewhat unusual.

“We decided to dig a little along this border in the hopes of discovering the reason behind the clearing in the middle of the woods. It took much digging, but we did uncover a most interesting artefact.

“It is no more than two inches wide, one inch high, and one and half inches thick. Its cover is speckled with rainbow colours. Inside, each page is thin and littered with a writing none of us comprehend. At least, we think it may be writing.

eye of a dragon

“We are astounded by this find and are eager to continue digging. However, some sort of magnet is pulling my colleagues and me towards the centre of the clearing. We must resist this urge. We will be able to unearth the answer to this pull only as we continue to dig along the outskirts of the meadow,” Dr. R.K. O’Logist told me.

The reason I mention this information here instead of pointedly discussing my own personal discoveries regarding the end and the possible one-in-a-million continuation in the communication among all creatures, including humans, is the small artefact Dr. R.K. O’Logist and his colleagues found.

It is definitely a book, but the archaeologists are not able to read it. They believe it is written in some language—that is certain. The patterns repeat, but never with any specific regularity they can recognize. Therefore, this book either contains the writings of an ancient human written language now long forgotten or that of some other creature. Due to the sheer lack of size of the book and the sizes of the “lettering”, only someone, or something, quite small could have created it.

My curiosity, along with Dr. R.K. O’Logist and his colleagues, is piqued. I apologize should my writings deflect from the topic at hand, but I have decided to aide Dr. O’Logist and his colleagues in locating a linguist specialized in ancient runes, languages, and cultures in order to learn the writings of this small book. Meanwhile, Dr. O’Logist is attempting to carbon date the book to determine approximately when the work was created.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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