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Volume 1 No. 5The Tiny Book and Its Home

Dr. R.K. O’Logist has enlisted the help of Ruancie Longste, specialist in lost languages. She will help decipher the contents of the tiny book we found.

If you do not remember, the book to which I am referring was discovered during an archaeological dig led by Dr. R.K. O’Logist. It is a mere two inches wide and one inch high. It is filled with markings akin to lettering. This is where Miss Ruancie Longste comes into play.

Currently, Miss Longste is continuing her studies of the markings in the book. “It is my opinion,” Miss Longste told me, “that this book is filled with words; the markings are not mere etchings. At times, the glyphs are hurried and tired; other times, great care has been taken to form them.”

According to Miss Longste, Dr. R.K. O’Logist was slightly incorrect in the size of the book. She contends it is two inches tall and one inch wide, not the other way around. In fact, the glyphs are repeated more regularly if the book’s contents are examined in this direction; they also make more sense.

“One thing is certain,” Miss Longste told me when asked whether this was another Fairy book. “This book contains neither any written language nor linguistic style belonging to the fairy folk. The formation of the glyphs is reminiscent of a different society altogether.” However, she would not specify the type of society that could be associated with this book.

Shy Dragon

The contents of the book are unknown. Miss Longste continues deciphering the glyphs and trying to determine the best method for reading the text. Meanwhile, Dr. R.K. O’Logist has unveiled more findings.

Dr. R.K. O’Logist and colleagues have continued with their digging in the area in which the tiny book was discovered. “The painstaking efforts are tedious,” he explained to me, “but necessary in order to unveil the past without disrupting it in any way.” Although no new books have been located, they appear to be discovering something of great interest.

Dr. R.K. O’Logist and colleagues contained their urge to dig towards the centre of the clearing. They decided to concentrate their efforts first on the area in which they found the book. They have discovered that the topography at either side of the tiny book location differed. One side seems to have been relatively flat like an open meadow. It probably held wild flowers and short grasses according to the archaeologists. However, on the other side of the original site, the area seems to have been heavily wooded.

Even more interesting, it appears that border between these two very different landscapes was a consistent arch, or semicircle, as if someone had drawn a huge circle, or semicircle, and placed the wooded area on one side, using the trees to mark the arch and cleared the land on the other side.

“We have to dig up along what appears to be the archway to determine how large an area we have discovered,” Dr. R.K. O’Logist explained.“Then I think we should dig towards the clearing.”

I have a hunch that this archaeological expedition, along with the fine transcription of the tiny book, is a link to my original quest of finding the reason behind the lost communication among all creatures.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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