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Prairie Dragon

Creature Communication News

Volume 1 No. 6Continued Work

Dr. R.K. O’Logist and colleagues are making discoveries at breakneck speeds. They have continued their archaeological dig of the area in which they had originally gone for a simple camping trip.

“We can confirm the cleared area was encircled by thick wooded forests. This was definitely a perfect circle,” Dr. R.K. O’Logist stated. The diameter of the cleared area is equivalent to a half-day hike; Dr. O’Logist ensured that everyone could understand this type of measurement.

“We have two different areas to research,” he mentioned. “One is the obvious circular meadow; the other is the surrounding forest.”

eye of a dragon

Apparently, the cleared area is the most logical place to dig because history has shown that circular meadows often contain signs of civilization. Where there was civilization, there surely will be records or, at least, hints of the past life.

Less obvious is the reason for digging the surrounding forests. Dr. O’Logist could not explain the reason behind this wish; he only could state that his love of the outdoors is extraordinary and that this need was mostly a hunch, a feeling deep in his bones. It reminds me of my own feelings; if I stay beside this dig of Dr. R.K. O’Logist, I will be able to learn what happened to the communication that I believe existed among all creatures of this planet.

Speaking of this lost art of communication, I spoke with Miss Ruancie Longste, palaeographist. “Work on The Tiny Book continues,” she assured. “It is long and tedious work, but ever so fascinating at the same time.” She claims to be close to having completed the categorizing of various glyphs into individual, repeatable symbols. It is a book of written words. She must complete this categorical portion of the work before she can determine the meaning of the individual glyphs and the book’s contents.

And so, discoveries continue to be made. We are one step closer to learning about what we have lost.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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