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Creature Communication News

Volume 1 No. 8From Banging My Head on a Brick Wall to Forging Ahead with More Discoveries

I have had to try to re-prioritize my research efforts as of late. There are so many different paths that can be followed. Unfortunately, many of these same paths lead to dead ends.

For instance, my research on fish communication is limited to my own experiments plus dolphin communication research. In the field of dolphin communication, much has been learned, but we humans are stunted in the knowledge in dolphin grammar and vocabulary. All we have learned is that dolphins have a highly complicated form of communication among themselves involving whistles and clicks. Research has taught us how the dolphins use their own bodies to form their language. However, I have yet to locate any research informing us how we as humans can carry on an intelligent conversations with dolphins.

Interestingly enough, dolphins have shown a greater understanding of humans and their languages. After all, they are capable of understanding when a human wants it to wave a flipper or jump through hoops. Do you think we merely train them to do these things through some magic we possess? Do you not think it possible the dolphins are just humouring us?

In any case, I am continuing my research in creature communication with further fish experiments and continued reading. Also, I have kept open communication with both Dr. R. K. O’Logist and Miss Ruancie Longste.

Dr. R.K. O’Logist has informed me that he and his colleagues have discovered a site not mentioned in any history book. He stated, “ After much excavation in the meadow, my colleagues and I have found the most amazing remnants, perfectly preserved, of a previously unknown castle.”

They are excavating this area, taking care not to disrupt or break any of their findings. So far, they have unearthed the surrounding walls and the roof of what they believe is a castle. Since they are unsure of the actual skyline of the castle, they are digging one entire small layer at a time, in the style of true archaeologists. Dr. R.K. O’Logist has hired more helpers. “ I would like very much to live to see the whole castle and its contents discovered,” he explained.

eye of a dragon

I must admit that I, too, would love to see the excavated castle and visit it one day. Castles seem to hold their own magic and possess a mysterious link with our past.

Miss Ruancie Longste also had good news to report. “ I have broken the code of this book, so to speak,” she beamed as she rushed in through my office door. “ Each glyph has been broken down to mean something. In fact, many of the glyphs actually transcribe to a specific letter in the English alphabet! Other glyphs are distinctly punctuation. A few are pictographs, a picture representing an object or an idea.”

I asked if the English alphabet derived from this lost language or vice versa. “ No, neither alphabet derived from the other. I believe they have descended from another alphabet, although I cannot prove it right now. In any case, because of the pictographs, which are an integral part of the glyphs in this book, the language is not an English derivative; English is not written in pictographs at all.”

Now with the glyphs pretty much deciphered and the order in which the glyphs are to be read has been determined, it won’t be long before The Tiny Book is transcribed in full.

Apparently, The Tiny Book seems to contain one of two types of information: either it’s some sort of story or it’s somebody’s journal. It is written in the first person. Miss Longste will have to complete the transcription before we will know for sure. Either way, she has not located the author’s name as of yet.

Although my own research has been stumped and I do need to redirect my attempts again, the likes of Dr. R.K. O’Logist and Miss Ruancie Longste, whose own quests lay not within the finding of the lost communication among all creatures but within their own fields of past societies and their languages, are gaining momentum and making inlands into the discovery of an unknown castle and an anonymous author’s story, respectively.

Good work, guys!

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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