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Volume 1 No. 9The Tiny Book Revisited

It has finally arrived! Miss Ruancie Longste has completed the transcription of The Tiny Book.

“I’m so excited the work is done,” Miss Longste informed me. “The hardest part of the work was deciphering the glyphs. Determining the direction of the words and learning the language’s semantics and grammar was very intriguing.”

In a previous interview, Miss Longste had eluded that the glyphs reminded her of a language she had seen before, but she knew it was neither human nor fairy. When I reminded her of this she said, “Well, yes, of course. The size of the book indicates it could have been a large fairy book, but the glyphs did not match. The glyphs reminded me of Groundhog, but there were differences.”

Miss Longste had decided to study palaeography after unearthing a strange book while preparing to plant a tree when she was only eight years old. Looking at it, she felt it was written in Groundhog, but she could not explain why she felt this to be true. “When I looked at it, the book felt like it had a lot to say in a jittery way. When I managed to transcribe it, it read like an angry gopher. Let’s face it, gophers are miniature groundhogs.” I will have to speak more with Miss Longste regarding that matter. But I digress.

Shy Dragon

Interestingly enough, Miss Longste informed me that The Tiny Book is written in an old form of Mouse. “The author’s name was written on the final page of the book, in the lower right hand corner.” The author’s name is Graeme Mouse.

The Tiny Book is not a storybook and does not possess any title. However, it does tell a tale. It is the tale of one particular mouse. He is concerned with his country and exhibits philosophical ideas on life. He seems to be on a quest.

This journal of Graeme Mouse will serve as a great story, according to Miss Longste, while, at the same time, enable further research and insight into the lost communication among humans and other creatures.

Who would have thought there was once a mouse who was worried about the world around him? I wonder what type of problems existed? I wonder what a mouse considered to be a problem?

I look forward to having a chance to read The Tiny Book and learn what Graeme Mouse had to say.

Lydia Lavrenik, Editor

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