Cheyenne Dregobban, Prairie Dragon waving

Prairie Dragon

Cheyenne’s Updates

Earthquake Apology

On behalf of all good hearted dragons, the families Pythogorynous and Corbamousev would like to apologize for the earthquake that hit British Columbia, Canada near the end of October, 2013.

What most people believe was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake actually may have been the result of two dragon families, Pythogorynous and Corbamousev, rearranging their furniture in their underwater caves.

The dragon couches and beds were made of solid gold, encrusted with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires with additional carvings made from bronze, platinum, and pewter. This heavy furniture moves best with dollies. However, the two families had lost their dollies overnight while moving from their previous caves. Instead of getting angry and accusing others of theft of their property, they decided to let it go and simply move their furniture as best they could using their own strength.

Only after a friend of theirs reported that humans above ground believed that an earthquake had occurred on their land did the two families realize they may have been responsible for the impact.

Fearful that their underground movements are negatively affecting the creatures above ground, the dragon families Pythogorynous and Corbamousev promise to be more careful in the future. They do not wish to hurt other creatures in any way, especially not by accident.

Hurricane Apology

The impending hurricane, the one many people are calling Hurricane Sandy, is threatening the East Coast of North America. I, on behalf all good hearted dragons, would like to apologize in case this hurricane is not a natural phenomenon but, rather, that of a rather obsessive and hot tempered dragon named Aqualerius.

While trying to rearrange her cave, Aqualerius found that not only is her porcelain dolly missing, but so are three of her most favourite treasure chests. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of her items, or has any leads, please come forward. It is best to ensure she has her items returned to her; otherwise, there may be no end to her tantrums this year.

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