Cheyenne Dregobban, Prairie Dragon waving

Prairie Dragon

Cheyenne’s Updates

Have You Seen This Dragon?

Puppy Dragon

Or one similar to it?

Whiskered Puppy Dragon

It is believed to be one of a new species of dragon. Unfortunately, few have spotted it. We need to learn where it flies and lives to confirm if this is a new dragon species.

I have heard a few variations of this type of dragon.

Similarities Variations
Body long, snaky
skinny or chubby
covered in fur
covered in scales with fur on face only
Tail medium length tail ends in a point
Wings typical dragon style long fur-covered tail
Ears floppy/droopy curly fur
long, straight fur
Muzzle and Nose dog-like typical dragon style
Feet 4 big, padded feet with claws or pointy toes upside-down bird head feet with claws
webbed paws with claws

Please click here and tell me about it. If we actually locate this new dragon, I’ll have some proof to send to Walter to prove to him once and for all that I, and all the people he ever met and told him about dragon sightings, are not teasing him about the existence of dragons.

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