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Cheyenne’s Updates

Spring Cleaing and Emails

When I finally came home, it was cold, dark, empty. Dust had managed to grow on all my books, trinkets, jewels, furniture. The titles on the books were illegible. The trinkets were darkened and blended one into the other on the shelves that melted in with the walls and the floors. Tables and chairs were ghostly objects teasing my mind with their existent non-existence. It amazed me to see how something as natural as dust can remove so much of the glitter found naturally in rubies. In all my days, I had never seen dust inside my home. It is a rarity in the tunnels.

I took a wet cloth and wiped everything down. I rinsed it out many times in the bucket of rain water I had collected. I guess there would be no soup tonight after all.

With the water blackened by the dust, I sat down at my old toy—the one I found several years ago. It made a loud whirring noise once I turned it on, but then the light of its screen flickered brightly. Yes, my computer was still working after the time spent away.

I sat staring at my blank screen for quite some time. This computer was a human invention. Humans now had a way of communicating rapidly with many other humans, without even once meeting them in person. I was one of the few chimeras in the region with a computer. I saw it as an opportunity in teaching humans about creatures and their cultures without intruding and potentially scaring them.

I decided to start with emails. There were so many of them. As I deleted all those emails, I came across one that seemed interesting.

Jet baths for sale! After a long day at work, standing, sitting, running, doing whatever you do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit down in your very own super-sized jet bath? Alone or with 15 of your closest friends, turn it on and let the jet power gently massage all your aching muscles.

The sheer size of this bath was amazing. It seemed intended more for someone my size than for humans. Yes, I know. Humans benefit from massages and having a jet bath like that would save them the time to find a one made by Nature. But here I was, in front of the computer, and wondering whether you could actually control the temperature of the water in the jet bath. It would be nice, even for me, to be able to have a jet bath like that to help take away a year’s worth of tension from my poor aching muscles. The nearest natural jet bath for me was a 6 hour flight from home and I had just come home. I doubted my muscles would make the flight. Not today.

Temperature controls can be added to our jet baths at an extra minimal cost! Just imagine! Fast. Medium. Slow. All speeds adjustable at each individual jet. Hotter. Colder. Always the right temperature. Get your super-sized jet bath today!

Half the day ticked away. I shrugged my shoulders. I uncrinked my long neck. How could I get that jet bath?

Instead of looking for the jet bath, I looked for emails from two of my friends. One of them is Walter. He has always been quite insistent that he has never met a Dragon, but wishes he would. I have always told him I am half dragon. He thinks I am teasing him.

My other friend warned me before my departure about potential wars. Being a pacifist, the idea of war sends shivers down my spine. Considering the size of my spine, that is one very horrific shiver, I can tell you. Thing is, he was one of the few humans who wrote to me to see how I was, especially when one of my chimera friends vanished. For that, I will always be appreciative. After all, here was a human who actually cares about what is happening in my part of the world.

For all my friends out there, I am back; stiff and sore, but back.

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