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Urgently Requesting Help

I never realized before how human sense of time and dragon sense of time is so very different. Human and dragon tolerance before panic also appear to be quite different. Some humans have faulted me saying I took too long to panic, but I am a Prairie Dragon. Up until now, it wasn’t time to panic, but now it is. So, hoping it is not too late by human standards and knowing it is not too late by dragon standards…

Urgently requesting help relocating a friend. Her name is Lydia Lavrenik.

Mousy brown hair—shoulder length
Blue eyes
Lightly freckled button nose
Suspected height of 5 feet, max
Slight build
Known to hang around libraries
Other areas of interest: unknown

Dr. R.K. O’Logist gave Lydia a very special and old book discovered at one of his digs. Lydia was beginning the translation of this book.

A series of fiery flash floods in my area damaged the communication system for quite some time. It took awhile to get everything back up. Once everything was up and running again, one of the first things I tried to do was to contact Lydia.

I had wanted to know how her personal research was coming along. I also was curious to know how the translation work for Dr. R.K. O’Logist was coming along.

Several emails and phone calls later, I began to worry. I called and wrote to everybody we knew in common. Nobody knew what had happened to her.

This past year, I have been travelling the world, looking for her in what would be the most likely places to find her, but to no avail.

Maybe with your help, we will find Lydia. Even if we never learn anything more from Dr. R.K. O’Logist, at least we will know that Lydia is safe and fine—hopefully.

Please write to me if you have any information. I will use it in the strictest of confidences.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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