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Are There Elfin Dragons?

I’ve never been one to believe in leprechauns, goblins, ghouls, or fairies. I never gave them much thought, other than as figments of imagination and great characters to help a fantastic story seem plausible. But I started to question this a week after Halloween.

I know, I know. You may think it may have been the aftermath of a very busy Halloween night. I thought so, too, at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I questioned how one Halloween night could make me wonder so much about all these mythical creatures.

I had gone out on my nightly after dinner stroll. It was a most lovely night for November. The daily rain we had experienced the past two weeks had ceased. The warm wind blew gently upon my face. The sky was filled with a million and one stars shining brighter than I ever remembered. Then again, that may have been due to so many weeks with rain-covered skies. In any case, it was one of those rare November nights you didn’t need a toque or a pair of mittens.

I was enjoying my evening stroll, as well as you could imagine, until I turned a corner. There, in front of me, were two large yellow balls of light. They were sitting far too low to be street lamps. A blast of hot air blew into my face.

I rubbed my eyes, thinking that would help me to see clearer. In a sense, it did. I could see the creature in front of me very well.

Reluctant Dragon

Its muzzle was pointed like a beak. It bore a goat-like beard beneath it. Its snake tongue came in and out in a slow-motion flick. Its golden-green face contrasted against its gray plate of bone at the top of its head. This was centered between its two triangular ears that pointed straight to the sky.

Four muscular clawed legs held up its bulky body. I had to stifle a chuckle since this huge creature had, on its back, a set of the tiniest wings. I mean, each wing was about the size of a sparrow while the whole length of this creature was about two houses! Quickly, I made my eyes return to the face. I had to face this monster, as scary as it was, minus the wings, and stay calm.

I realized then just how delicate its facial features really were. And I started to think. Of all the animals in the world, of all the mythical creatures I’ve heard about and read about in my limited lifetime, what creature always possessed such smooth, firm, dainty, beautiful features? I closed my eyes to concentrate. I knew there was one in particular that matched this creature’s face. At least, it matched a lot of the basics. What creature, mythical or real, could look soft yet cruel, beautiful yet demonic, fragile yet powerful? Which one had triangular ears, slanted eyes, pointy nose and a chin to match? I could think of only one such creature: an elf.

Elves, I had heard, had wings so thin some people couldn’t even see them. I opened my eyes and, looking past the face, past the bulky body, I searched for the wings. Those tiny, transparent wings opened and closed slowly; they reminded me of a butterfly.

That creature had the body of a giant dragon, and the face and wings of every elf I had ever heard of. Weird. I always thought dragons were dragons, and elves were elves. That is, if they existed at all. But after that one night, one full week after Halloween, I started to wonder whether elves and dragons really do exist. And if they do, could it be possible for there to be something known as an elfin-dragon?

What a thought! Could mythical creatures actually be real? Could they intermix completely freely? If so, there must be at least a million variations of these so-called mythical creatures. Could they mix with what we know as real creatures? I wonder.

So many questions drown my mind now. So I ask you: is there really such a thing as elfin-dragons?

Witness: Harry Knight

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