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Dragon Sightings

Dragon Captive

Thursday morning. 9:45 am. Somehow I had slept in and got to the office door so late. I readied myself for the barrage of questions I knew was coming before I opened the door.

Beep-beep-beep-beep. Oh no. That steady rhythm of the office alarm was counting down before deciding to ring the alarm at the police station. I entered my code, calming the alarm’s nerves.

The office was dark. Not a single light was on. I fumbled in the darkness, avoiding the entrance chairs and the receptionist’s desk until I came upon the light switch.

I turned on the lights and then checked the office clock. 9:48. Where was everybody?

I made some coffee and started my day anyway.

I worked and worked. The silence was deafening. I began to sign aloud while I worked just to calm my nerves. One hour passed. Two hours passed. And then, I heard it: a terrible, low rumble that shook my desk and my chair. This rumble went right through me. The papers tacked to my cubicle wall flittered with the rumble.

Did everyone else sense an earthquake approaching and stayed at home? Why didn’t I even listen to the radio this morning so I could avoid this, too?

When the rumbling stopped, I got up and walked through the office. I went up and down each aisle. I went in every office. I was alone. Maybe I should go home.

I went back to my desk. I cleaned everything up and turned everything off.

Just as I turned off the last of the office lights, I heard a roar. I reached for the lights to turn them back on, but my hand slipped, fell off the corner of the wall, and landed on something rough.

Even in the dark, the roughness glistened. I followed the rough partition with my hand until I came to a huge, burgundy circle with a black pearl directly in the middle. The circle smiled at me. Then I heard a rumble again. A long, purple tongue flicked straight out. What creature was this?

Reluctant Dragon

“Did you eat my colleagues?” I dared to ask.

A chuckle emanated from the creature. It had understood.

“They are all fine. An illusion I have created, for you should be my only captive.”

“Captive?” I gulped.

“Your great-grandmother once gave me a jewel. Wickedly snatched from my lair while I slept, it unwittingly located you. Now you bear my treasure and my treasure I’ll have back.”

I swallowed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please tell me what it looks like and I’ll bring it to your lair. Just tell me where to find you and—”

“No, no,” it smiled. “You cannot just come to a dragon’s lair. A dragon must take you.”


“Very well,” it sighed. “A note you can write, if it pleases you.”

“A note?” I asked incredulously.

“For the work you will be missing,” the dragon sighed even more deeply. “A note I will allow you so your boss does understand.”

So, this is my note. I didn’t know exactly how else to write it except to say what had transpired this morning. I really did come in to work today. I really did. It just seems I’ve been kidnapped while here and I’m not too sure for how long.

If I survive this dragon and its lair, I’ll be more than happy to describe it in detail. But, for now, please note I am not at work today, as I must meet some fate with a creature I’ve never seen before.

I just hope this treasure expulsion thingy doesn’t hurt too much.

Witness: Waverley Pearldeprince

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