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Prairie Dragon

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Dragon Music at Lunch

I was sitting on a rock by the river yesterday, enjoying the summer sun during my lunch break. I had taken lunch a little later than usual due to emergency meetings held one after the other. The sun was incredibly warm, the river more crystalline than ever. I closed my eyes a spell and listened.

Reluctant Dragon

No one else was around. The only sounds were the waves singing a soft lullaby, the wind harmonizing, and the occasional gull squawking in chorus. That was all I could hear while the sun sent me a warm hug.

In the distance, I could make out a low hum. It wasn’t constant; it came and went in complicated rhythm.  I listened closer. There was pitch to this low hum, pitch with crescendo and decrescendo.

I opened my eyes and looked for the source of this deep music. Nothing and no one was around me. I looked across the riverbank, but saw nothing. I examined the river surface. I saw a gull swoop down to the middle of the river in front of me. Just behind the gull, I saw something rise from the river. It rose and fell away. I thought it a piece of driftwood.

Odd thing is, the humming grew fainter and fainter after I saw the log. It diminished in my ears until only the lullaby of the waves, the harmonization of the wind, and the occasional squawking of the gulls could reach them.

These memories played over and over in my sleep last night, as if a messenger was trying to get my attention. The messenger whispered to me and now I’m left wondering. Had I been fortunate enough to hear a dragon’s song?

Witness: Priscilla Delariviere

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