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Prairie Dragon

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Dragon on the River

Last month, I looked out my window at the frozen world. The lawn was covered in snow. I watched as the city snow plough blocked my driveway. I sighed, knowing I definitely would be late getting into work that day. Just as I was about to close the curtains, something caught my eye. I stopped to take a better look.

It seemed there was a lot of fog sitting on the river across from my home, but this fog was like no other. Instead of sitting on top of the frozen lake, it seemed to rise from it. And it was moving, almost slithering. I squinted in an effort to make out what might be there. Sure enough, I was right.

I looked at the thickest portion of the rising fog. I looked at it, then through it. A long body glided its twisting form downstream. From its mouth, it blew clouds in an attempt to conceal its presence from the rest of the world. I could not make out any colours, but its snake-like form was definite.

little blue dragon flying

Although it seemed to float, it did have four distinct legs. However, they were not engaged in walking on the ice; they were involved in some form of game. The legs were throwing something, like a ball, but I cannot be certain. From the motion of the head, I can only suspect the ball-like object was thrown upwards time and again since I saw the head look up, then down, to the side while the legs moved as if throwing, reaching, and catching again.

This, I assure you, was a dragon playing with a ball, or some like toy, as he traveled along the river within the fog that only a dragon could create with his breath.

Witness: Lara Brouillard

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