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I have hunted down information about dragons since a very early age. It may have been due to an exquisitely written story I read in the library one day. It may be attributed to hearing a variety of fantastical stories as a youngster. I really do not know why and that knowledge is not important. All that matters is, as a full-grown adult, I possess an obsession for dragons.

Many books glorify the gory destruction of these supposed mythical creatures. They hope to instill a desire to continue this destruction. They hope to instill praise for the knights and other so-called heroes. However, the more I read about and examine pictures of these creatures of sea, land, and sky, the more disgusted I become with the whole concept of dragon destruction. Their destruction is nothing more than an evil misconception of how to deal with them.

And so I live my life forever searching for dragons in this world. I cannot bear to believe that they have all been driven from us through the countless cruel acts of humankind since these serpents possess immeasurable powers. If ever I spy one, I will sit and admire its beauty for as long as it permits. For these are magnificent creatures of various size and colour. This promise I have made to myself long ago.

little blue dragon flying

Luckily, I have encountered other people who have had experiences, which I can only dream of having. One such friend, who lives on the other side of the world, has assured me there are dragons living among us; we need only look well. One such dragon has a website.

Although I have never met this dragon—named Cheyenne Dregobban—in person, I did contact her through her site and kindly explained my situation. I explained that while I continue my never-ending search of dragons, I am compiling a series of short articles written by those I meet, concerning sightings of and experiences with these creatures. She answered that the idea fit in with her site in that it could only hope to increase information and education about dragons among humans.

I am quite pleased and thankful that Cheyenne is willing to help me show others that nothing need be feared when it comes to dragons. Just breathe slowly and let yourself relax. We should be able to share the same air.

Unsuccessful searcher of dragons: Walter Treniak

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