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Prairie Dragon

Dragon Sightings

Rope to Basement

All my life I wanted to meet a dragon, to be close to one. No matter where I looked, I never did find one. All I ever found were other people who kept telling me dragons do exist: they saw one, they met one, they got close to one. I never had that luck.

I started thinking that maybe all those people I met were either delusional or joking around with me. Maybe dragons never did exist.

I stood in front of my kitchen window with a glass of juice in my hand. It used to be that I would stand there with my morning juice while recalling the stories I heard from other people about dragons or just thinking about dragons in general. I looked outside at the blue sky trying to think of something. Anything. Anything except dragons.

A huge black cloud came out of nowhere. It moved quickly. I looked more closely. I blinked three or four times. What was I seeing? The middle of the cloud stretched downwards, slithering slightly to the left then to the right. On either side of it, the cloud bent down and up, down and up. The middle part started stretching steadily downwards while the sides continued moving down and up.

The cloud moved towards me. As it got closer, I noticed that the middle part of the cloud, the part that stretched downwards, looked like it had eyes. I looked again. It also looked like it had a muzzle; a large muzzle kept closed, but with nostrils that flared as it took in air. On either side of it, the cloud moved down and up faster and faster.

The part that looked like eyes shone brightly green. A golden streak shot out of its muzzle as a brown, twisting cloud that looked like a rope came down from above this cloud. It swooped towards the front of the muzzle. The muzzle threw itself left. The creature’s great black wings swooped up and down and up again with the speed and force of a tornado. Fifty year old trees snapped in two. Roof shingles escaped the homes they had been nailed to for years. Uprooted flowers replanted themselves in other people’s yards.

The rope cloud came down again. It hit the top of the bobbing head cloud. The black spiralling cloud came closer and closer to me.

All my readings have told me to get away from the window when winds get that strong. Definitely, I was taught to run to the basement or cellar when a tornado makes its presence known.

To my surprise, I ran to the patio window and opened it widely. I backed out of the way momentarily, just enough time for the giant black cloud to enter my home. As soon as its tail flipped inside, I shut the door.

Reluctant Dragon

I looked at the cloud in its green eye and ran for the basement door. I opened the door and nodded to it. It flew down the stairs. I followed, closing the door behind me.

From the bottom of the stairs, I saw the cloud envelope my basement. That was no cloud.

“Hello,” it said as it smiled. “And thank you.”

“What was that?” I asked.

It burst out laughing. “You ask what was after me, but you do not ask about me?”

“Are you alright?”

It shook its great head from side to side, chuckling softly. “This dragon is fine. It happens that there are people and creatures who are interested in catching dragons. This was one of those times.”

“Why would they do that?” I asked.

“To prove they have one. To get rid of dragons. There are many reasons.” It settled its head down on the floor.

“Would you like a blanket?” I asked.

“No, thank you. I’m just a little tired. If you don’t mind, I will nap a bit here.”

I found an empty rubber crate and filled it with water. I dragged it over so it could see it. I walked up to the dragon. I laid my hand on his shoulder, above his wings. There were so many tears and holes in them it was a miracle he could have flown the way he did.

“Here is some water for you if you are thirsty,” I said quietly.

“Why, thank you,” it answered softly.

“Is there anything else you need?”

“Not for now.”

It closed its eyes and fell asleep.

I never had the luck to see any dragons before. I have a friend who teases me, saying she is half dragon and half prairie dog. I have met people who have claimed to have seen dragons and others who believe whole heartedly they have met dragons. I have finally joined all those lucky people. I’m not sure what will happen next, but, for now, there is a beautiful dragon sleeping in my basement.

Finally successful searcher of dragons: Walter Treniak

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